A review of data centre tier classifications

An in-depth review of tier classifications supported by facts, figures and a body of extensive research. Designed to help data centre owners and operators understand the necessary requirements of each tier, and the factors that govern the different levels of classification.

A review of Data-Centre Tier Classifications

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    Underpinned by research from The Uptime Institute, which has sponsored practical studies for over 20 years. The White Paper includes a classification system with four levels of availability, starting with the basic Tier I right up to the ultra-available Tier IV. These benchmark standards help IT managers classify their data centre into the correct tier.

    A simple calculation is also provided to show how a higher percentage availability can be achieved, right up to ‘five-nines’. The reliable cost index helps business owners calculate the typical expenditure of each tier.

    Full of factual information, practical tips and a dependable classification system, this is an essential document for any data centre operator striving for an optimum IT environment with minimal downtime.


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