Are you wasting money on an old or inefficient UPS system?

Every UPS system plays a crucial role in providing power continuity and operational security. Over the lifespan of the system, investing in the latest technology could save you tens of thousands of pounds compared to maintaining your current legacy system.

KOHLER Uninterruptible Power’s range of advanced PW UPS systems provides a comprehensive offering of highly-efficient solutions

Reduced operating costs through high efficiency levels and near-unity power factor

Reduced capital expenditure through flexible scalability options

Reduce your running costs with a PW UPS – Find out how the following can help you:

PW 6000 – Standalone, three-phase UPS from 60-500kVA with up to 95% efficiency

PW 8000DPA – Modular, three-phase UPS from 10-200kVA with up to 96% efficiency

PW 9000DPA – Modular, three-phase UPS from 10-250kVA with up to 95.5% efficiency

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