Kohler PW 9500DPA

Total Vertical and Horizontal Scalability Using Hot Swap Modularity

The 500 kW Modular UPS Kohler PW 9500DPA boasts the lowest total cost of ownership in its class through a combination of high efficiency, scalability and ergonomic design. Featuring a class-leading energy efficiency of up to 96% system running and cooling costs are significantly reduced, contributing to the reduction of an organisation’s carbon footprint. The UPS can be ‘right-sized’ to optimise the power required to match the critical load, with ‘hot-swappable’ modules, which can be replaced or incrementally added for an increased load, without causing any system downtime.

  • Up to 500 kW (400kW N+1) in a single frame
  • Scalable to 3 MW (with up to 6 frames in parallel)
  • Transformerless technology
  • Hot swappable 100 kW modules
  • Up to 96%true online efficiency
  • Eco-mode efficiency >= 99%
  • 9999% (6 Nines) Availability
  • Small footprint/ high power density
  • Low input harmonic distortion (THDi <3.5%)
  • Graphical touchscreen system display
Kohler PW 9500DPA

For more information call 65 6302 0702 or visit www.kohlerups.com


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