New kVA Calculator Tool

Leading UPS specialist, KOHLER Uninterruptible Power, announced today the launch of a new, free kVA load calculator to help end users, consultants and electrical contractors identify and better understand their UPS needs.

The bespoke, algorithm-based tool features a series of easy to answer questions, which once completed, provide an accurate estimate of the user’s load requirements. The online feature is also able to help non-technical users determine how IT and non-IT equipment effects the size of the load by assigning a typical power value to a list of likely products, such as workstations and servers.

The new tool forms part of a comprehensive overhaul of KOHLER Uninterruptible Power’s online presence, with a totally redesigned website that also includes a wide selection of informative technical whitepapers, published feature articles and other content to help the industry find the most appropriate products for any application.

Following the site’s launch, KOHLER Uninterruptible Power’s marketing manager, Fiona Alder, commented

“When we sat down to update our digital offer we wanted to build a flexible, responsive platform which would deliver real value to our audience and create a channel where there was something new to see or read every time you visit. The new kVA calculator is just one part of that but we can already see how useful our audience will find it. We spent a lot of time researching how it would be used and by whom. The result is that it doesn’t matter if you are highly technical or more management focused, it will still be able to give you an accurate estimate of your requirements and provide direct contact with our technical specialists.

“Since KOHLER Uninterruptible Power launched the first edition of The UPS Handbook over a decade ago, we have worked tirelessly to build and maintain our reputation for being the industry’s knowledge leaders and our new site is a further extension of that positioning. If you explore the updated you will see a big increase in the level of informative content available – with categories and filters to allow users to focus their attention on the areas of most interest to them. It really is an impressive resource for anyone interested in UPS and generator products and is a pleasure to navigate around – we couldn’t be happier with the result.”

The tool can be found within the KOHLER Uninterruptible Power website

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