Protecting business critical laboratory equipment

KOHLER Uninterruptible Power (KUP) was recently selected to provide an industrial uninterruptible power supply and generator for essential laboratory equipment for a leading pharmaceutical organisation.

KUP worked on the project alongside the main construction contractor Insite Group – established in 2004 they specialise in construction services to provide a complete, holistic contracting service. Insite Group ensure every aspect of the client’s needs are met and exceeded.

Scott McMillan, Group Managing Director, comments: “KUP was selected as our partner because of its excellent reputation, UPS product performance and quality of customer service. A power outage would have had incredibly damaging implications as it will require items to be re-validated, taking several weeks and potentially costing thousands in lost revenue.”

After all the information was obtained from Insite Group and the End User pharmaceutical company, KUP was able to recommend suitable uninterruptible power supplies for critical power protection.

Rob Taylor, UK Hardware Sales Director for KUP, comments: “After a rigorous selection process to meet the customer’s requirements, we put forward a KOHLER PW 9250DPA 300kW UPS system working in conjunction with a KOHLER V500C2 500kVA generator.

He continues: “The safest, most reliable and ultimately most cost-effective way of specifying and achieving a well-matched generator and UPS power supply pair is to discuss your requirements with a UPS supplier that has the experience and the power protection products to assemble the right package. We supply both uninterruptible power supplies and backup generators and through many years of experience, we are very well placed to bring them together into integrated UPS solutions with assured interoperability.”



The KOHLER PW 9250DPA is a true modular uninterrupted power supply, scalable from 50kW up to 1.5MW, for UPS power applications in critical, high density computing environments, such as pharmaceutical facilities.

These UPS systems work with KOHLER V500C2 500kVA generators which are high performance three-phase standby diesel generators with an industry leading Volvo engine.


KOHLER V500C2 500kVA generator

The three-phase UPS system ensures power quality while the mains supply is available and provide emergency power supply backup from their energy storage resource when it isn’t. One inevitable problem with energy storage, typically provided by lead-acid VRLA batteries, is that its capacity is always finite.

While extra UPS battery banks can increase capacity, the risk of an extended blackout exceeding this cannot be eliminated. Accordingly, with business-critical applications such as pharmaceutical, where even a short shutdown is not an option, generators can complement its UPS power supply.

Unlike UPS batteries, standby generators can support the critical load through any length of blackout, provided they are adequately fuelled and maintained. However, there is a range of electrical and mechanical factors to consider when pairing backup generators and UPS power supplies within a secure power protection system.

Learn more about how uninterruptible power supplies and standby generators work together in this free On Demand Webinar: Sibling Harmony – Using Generators with UPS

In this PEB accredited webinar by KOHLER Uninterruptible Power and supported by KOHLER Power, the reasons for deploying a backup generator as well as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system will be discussed along with the various considerations for specifying and installing a backup generator.

In addition to looking at fault clearance and neutral-earth referencing, areas that experience shows can often be problematic when using these sibling technologies together, it will also highlight what information and questions to have ready when approaching potential suppliers of UPS systems.

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