KOHLER Uninterruptible Power introduces the PW EL series

KOHLER Uninterruptible Power (KUP), a KOHLER company, introduces the PW EL series: efficient power for emergency lighting and safety equipment.

The PW EL 100XA Series

The PW EL 100XA Series

KOHLER Uninterruptible Power, a KOHLER company, today announced the launch of PW EL, designed to deliver complete emergency lighting protection for businesses. The PW EL series addresses the need for a range of high performance static inverters and is manufactured using state of the art technology, giving your operation the peace of mind it needs.

Most commonly applied to emergency lighting, central power, fire alarm and safety systems, the PW EL come in a range of options. All boast true double conversion and PWM technology, are capable of 120% continuous overload and have optional parallel modes. KOHLER Uninterruptible Power’s intelligent battery monitoring maximises service life and a galvanic isolation transformer is included as standard.

All products in the PW EL range offer high reliability with low maintenance and operating costs, ensuring power continuity for your emergency operations. The PW EL 100XA Series, a high performance static inverter (500VA to 3000VA), allows for an internal self-contained battery system capable of supplying standard emergency lighting for 3 hour autonomy.

PW EL 100 Series is a single-phase input and output online static converter (4kVA to 12kVA), provides a solution for higher power, single-phase loads, whilst the 200 Series and 300 Series offer solutions for higher power and three-phase loads.

The PW EL 200 Series also has a three-phase input and single-phase output static inverter which scales from 10kVA to 30KVA, whereas the 300 Series has a three-phase input and output static inverter suitable for 10kVA to 160kVA.

At KOHLER Uninterruptible Power, we offer a range of emergency lighting products depending on your business requirement and specifications. View our complete PW EL range.

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