Want to increase your UPS energy efficiency without compromising protection? We have the solution!

KOHLER Uninterruptible Power has launched Xtra VFI for its flagship KOHLER PW 9500DPA UPS system.

Xtra VFI works by intelligently, and automatically, scaling the UPS active module capacity according to the current load, reducing power consumption, without reducing protection, and prolonging the service life of your batteries.

Redundancy can still be configured by the user, ensuring you are always in total control, and guaranteeing the level of protection you need for your own peace of mind.

What’s more, if the unexpected does happen and you lose mains power, Xtra VFI is automatically deactivated, switching all modules to active status, potentially extending battery autonomy if a generator system is not in place.

“We have been offering highly-efficient, scalable UPS systems for over a decade but Xtra VFI is another major development in improving the energy efficiency of our UPS systems. With Xtra VFI in place, it doesn’t matter if you are running below 25% of system capacity, you can relax knowing you aren’t paying to keep surplus modules active, and the best part is, everything is handled by the UPS so you concentrate on more important things.”

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