Managing the power demand of leading power factor blade servers

Managing the power demand of leading power factor blade servers

A practical White Paper for IT professionals who manage the power demand of new technologies in tandem with older IT equipment. With power blade servers evolving at such a fast pace, the need to mix old and new technologies is on the rise.

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    Replacing legacy UPS systems can be expensive, and with the pressure to keep equipment costs down, the best approach is to use a modern transformerless UPS with adaptive inverter switching. This derates far less severely than a legacy double conversion system as the power factor moves from lagging to leading.

    By eliminating the need for a transformer, the UPS is smaller and lighter taking up less space. It also imposes a reduced total harmonic current distortion on its input (THDi).This provides cost savings, as there is a smaller load on the incoming mains power and standby generator, and the reduced THDi decreases the demand on generator capacity.

    Within this White Paper there are practical tables and graphs to show the expected power loads of systems with different kW ratings, providing hands-on solutions for overcoming power overload problems. Particularly useful for IT managers needing to combine new and old technologies whilst saving on costs and valuable floor space.

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