Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology

Our range of UPS, battery systems and monitoring / management systems as well as proven combination of experience and support has earned our trusted position in a wide range of pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications.

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Understanding your challenges

At KUP we understand that the key challenges in pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications power protection include:

  • Meeting strict, multiple compliance and regulatory regimes.
  • A need for flexibility over a facility’s lifetime due to evolving technologies and techniques, e.g. yield increases, single use innovations, and modular production pods.
  • Space, floor loading and noise restrictions for location of power equipment.

Our UPS systems range from modular three-phase units through to standalone models and from compact single-phase UPS to specialist UPS designed to handle regenerative loads from rotating equipment such as lifts.

Complementing these are advanced remote monitoring and management systems and our own team of engineers, there to support you nationwide, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Completing the portfolio is KOHLER’s own range of low noise, high efficiency and sustainably HVO-fuelled generators.

To discuss how we can help you find a solution specific to your requirements contact us at [email protected] or call us on 0800 731 3269

On hand and ready to
support you

Whether considering design concepts for a new facility or how to tackle an upgrade, our trusted experts are on hand to help you find an efficient, resilient system and service package that works for you.

Or why not give us a call on +65 6302 0702 and chat directly to a member of our team.

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