Our Services

Based on our technical expertise, longevity, and knowledge of the power protection business, KUP has built a reputation for uncompromising service excellence and delivery.

Providing dedicated 24/7 coverage, the KUP service team receives continuous training to ensure their technical expertise. The team also carefully analyses customer feedback surveys to assure exceptional service delivery.

We understand that when mission-critical systems face issues, a quick recovery is crucial. KUP’s extensive network of field-service engineers provides coverage and response – fast.

Planned Repairs and Upgrades


Delivered by our trained engineers and support staff, we offer the most comprehensive and cost-effective service plans available ensuring your power protection systems are expertly maintained on a regular basis and always ready to support your business’s load.



We cannot predict when your UPS power has an unexpected fault or failure. We understand the critical nature of your power supply and how downtime can locally affect business operations. Our UK based team of highly trained engineers and expert technical team are there to support you in fixing the fault fast.



To ensure the integrity of your secure power system is not compromised, KOHLER Uninterruptible Power provides a comprehensive range of battery services – including monitoring, management, impedance testing, battery replacement and disposal.



KUP provides a range of remote monitoring and diagnostics services to provide early fault detection and prevention, including Remote Monitoring – the most advanced monitoring product on the market today.



From installation and commissioning services to black building testing and autonomy time assessments – KOHLER Uninterruptible Power provides a wealth of services to get you started and keep you running.

On hand and ready to
support you

Whether considering design concepts for a new facility or how to tackle an upgrade, our trusted experts are on hand to help you find an efficient, resilient system and service package that works for you.

Or why not give us a call on +65 6302 0702 and chat directly to a member of our team.

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