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What is a single-phase UPS system?

A single-phase UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) system is a power protection device that can provide emergency power in the event of mains power source failure. This provides protection for electronic equipment from power fluctuations, such as power outages, sags, surges, and spikes.
In a single-phase UPS system, the input power and output power are both single-phase which means that the UPS processes power from a single alternating current (AC) and delivers power to the connected devices. The most common usage of single-phase power is in residential and smaller commercial applications.

Kohler single-phase UPS

Kohler single-phase uninterruptible power supplies range from 1kVA to 20kVA (700W – 14000W with available features such as being either standalone or rack mounted, the larger are parallelable with up to four UPS systems.

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