Measuring availability in power protection systems

An overview of the important factors and metrics which IT managers can use to increase availability and make the right purchase decisions. Guidance is given on how to achieve the highest possible availability, which has been a critical issue in mainframe computing for many years, and is also important for IT and networking managers of distributed processing.

Measuring Availability

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    It highlights the importance of high systems availability, explaining exactly how it is measured, whilst also exploring the two most important issues for increasing power availability: increasing the MTBF and decreasing the MTTR of the power protection system.

    The review includes in-depth explanations, and a handy Power Availability (PA) chart to illustrate the relationship between power availability, redundancy, and hot-swappability. It shows how different power protection systems can be measured with the PA Index, depending on how much power availability they provide. An essential guide for anyone who needs factual advice on choosing the right power protection system for high availability applications.


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