KOHLER Uninterruptible Power introduce their new single-phase UPS: The PW 3000/TP

PW 3000TP

KOHLER Uninterruptible Power (KUP), a KOHLER company, announces the launch of the PW 3000/TP UPS, providing up to 20kVA of clean, reliable power.

The PW 3000/TP is the latest transformerless UPS System from KOHLER Uninterruptible Power, capable of supporting up to 20kVA of transient-free, pure sine-wave AC power for single-phase applications with higher efficiency and reduced running costs.

The newest addition to the PW series, the PW 3000/TP has been designed specifically to accommodate one or two independent power sources, protecting small to medium business’s critical applications to ensure a source of power even during severe mains supply disturbances.

The system offers simple management in a compact tower format, high reliability and high efficiency (up to 97% when running in eco mode), saving your business more time and money than ever before. Reduced heat loss also allows a lower operating temperature, prolonging the lifetime of the 3000/TP’s components and batteries.

The PW 3000/TP is simple to maintain, with options for autonomy and battery cabinets that are external or built in for a maximum of 16 minutes’ running time. Battery tests can be programmed or automated for optimised battery operation, management and lifetime.

Speaking of the latest addition to KOHLER Uninterruptible Power’s offering for small to medium businesses, Alan Luscombe, Marketing Director at KOHLER Uninterruptible Power said: “The new 3000/TP solution for 10-20kVA applications offers improved power factor, input THDi and the flexibility to configure for three or single-phase inputs. Four units can be paralleled, providing a top of the range system you can rely on.”

The PW 3000/TP from 10 to 20 KVA succeeds the PW 3000T UPS System from 7.5kVA to 20kVA. The 3000/TP UPS systems are available in 10kVA and 20kVA variations and the parallel capability can enhance the power support facility as your system grows or can provide system redundancy.

For more information on the PW3000/ TP click here.

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