Battery Monitoring and Management Systems

KUP offers a choice of battery monitoring or management systems, bringing increased peace of mind, greater resilience and lower ownership costs.

Installed by professional KUP engineers at the time of delivery and / or commissioning, each option involves a small device that connects to each individual battery and a central data collection and reporting hub. Collected data, analysis and reporting is then presented via internet-technology to a device convenient to you.

Battery Monitoring


Both battery monitoring and management systems check characteristics such as internal resistance, impedance, temperature and voltage of every single battery individually.

This helps identify batteries at risk of failure, for example through gassing, dry-out or thermal runaway, and provides an early warning of the risk they present to the integrity of the system. Remote reporting of this information can then assist in scheduling replacement in a convenient and cost effective manner.

Active battery management adds an additional level of functionality, correcting the charging voltage operating range for VRLA batteries and preventing the common mechanisms of failure highlighted above. Service life of cells is typically increased by up to 30%, reducing environmental footprint and costs whilst also increasing availability.


The reporting system displays the status of all lead-acid batteries. Any change in impedance, temperature and voltage is displayed and stored. Reports can be run regularly on site, enabling constant monitoring of the system using the Battery Monitoring system viewer.

The above graph demonstrates that battery 6 is weak after 30 minutes of discharge into a 45 minute run. This early warning system enables the weak-performing battery to be identified and replaced and thus increases the lifetime of the complete battery system.


Battery MonitoringActive Battery Management
Monitors condition of every battery individually including temperature
Provides early warning to protect against thermal runaway
Identifies individual weak batteries before failure
Monitors and regulates the charging process for each battery individually to avoid under or over charging
Extends battery life by charge equalisation

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