SNMP On-Site Monitoring

Connect UPS directly to your computer network as a network device with Kohler Uninterruptible Power's SNMP solution.


How SNMP Works

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) was created to address the problem of wide area network management. SNMP is a standard protocol that is part of the Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) suite which allows all network devices to transmit management variables across enterprise wide networks.

SNMP is vendor and platform-independent and establishes guidelines for what information will be collected, how it will be structured and how the messages are formed from the network device to the manager and back. Network devices then gather information into a management information base (MIB).

A user’s operating system software uses SNMP management software to collect and display the MIB data in an easily understood format.

A UPS with SNMP capability becomes an intelligent UPS that can, for example:

  • An SNMP adaptor connects the UPS system directly to the computer network so that the UPS system becomes a network peripheral device.
  • The SNMP is either a card or box which is fitted between the UPS serial communications port and the computer network, although adaptors are available that can interface between the UPS volt-free contacts and the network. These convert the contact information to the correct protocol which can then be read by the rest of the network.
  • Offering HTTP, SNMP, SMTP, WAP, Telnet, SSL and SSH compatibility and a console port, SNMP adaptors enable dynamic support for a large variety of system configurations.
  • The software used with the adaptor needs to be selected carefully as it must be designed for use with the network operating system.

The selected SNMP software offers*:

  • Remote control and rebooting of the UPS-protected devices over the network/internet
  • Protection of information and automatic and graceful shutdown of multiple UPS protected devices during an extended power failure
  • Real-time email, mobile phone or SMS alarm notification capability
  • Activity and alarm logging

*Remote Control Command (RCCMD) licence may be required for some of the features


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