Kohler PW 5000/TP

Standalone three-phase UPS system available in seven power ratings from 10 to 50kVA and in different cabinet sizes enabling you to choose the ideal internal battery capacity for you critical load. A true online, double conversion, VFI (voltage frequency independent) UPS system that offers exceptional reliability and unprecedented power availability for mid-size server rooms, networks, telecommunication systems and industrial processes.


Compact UPS power supply system with intelligent battery management, 95.5% efficiency and a low carbon footprint. Delivers excellent value for money without compromising on performance.

Highest load availability

Redundant critical circuits (RCC) duplicate the critical components and circuitry within the Kohler PW 5000/TP to maximise productivity and minimise downtime.

Low lifetime cost

Innovative transformerless design and Energy Saving Inverter Switching (ESIS) technology ensures high efficiency to reduce the total cost of ownership. Temperature controlled battery chargers extend lifetime performance to reduce running costs.

Small footprint to save space

Compact design maximises floor space with a footprint of 0.4m2 at 50 kVA. A power density of up to 100kW/m2 saves space for other IT equipment.

Flexible battery configuration

Available in three cabinet sizes, the 3 phase uninterrupted power supply offers flexible capacity for critical loads. The 10 to 25 kVA units are available in two cabinet sizes and the 30 – 50 kVA units are housed in a larger cabinet to accommodate different configurations of internal batteries.

Additional battery cabinets that match perfectly with the UPS for scaling autonomy time.

95.5% energy efficiency

Designed with state-of-the-art energy efficiency of up to 95.5%, the Kohler PW 5000/TP helps to reduce carbon footprint and running costs.

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Additional information

Actual kVA

10-50 kVA


Three Phase PW

Standalone / Modular


Max. power per frame with N+1 redundancy

Up to 20kVA N+1

Parallelable up to

20 systems

Rated output voltage range

380/220; 400/230; 415/240V three phase

Working mode

Online double conversion

Power density per m2

Up to 112kWm2 / 125kVA/m2

Battery compartment

Included in UPS cabinet

Maintenance bypass


Network/web interface


Volt free contacts


Input current distortion THDi @100% load

< 3%

Scalable (N+1)

Yes (horizontal)

Hot-swappable modules


ECA scheme approved




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