A compact high performance, high efficiency UPS with immediate availability

The KOHLER PW 5000/TP is a true on-line 3-Phase UPS that provides enhanced, high-performance power protection in a compact format. The KOHLER PW 5000/TP is transformerless and utilises double-conversion technology to deliver high efficiency levels of up to 95.5%. Available for immediate delivery, the lightweight UPS offers a small carbon footprint and can be purchased in flexible capacities from 10kVA to 50kVA power ratings – to meet your specific power protection requirements. With integrated battery capability of all units, different battery run-times can also be offered, which can be extended further through matching external battery cabinets. KUP holds a comprehensive stock of all kVA ratings (10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40 & 50), which are immediately available for short notice delivery.


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