Kohler PW 1000/LT

Kohler PW 1000/LT provides reliable power protection for low power 1-Phase applications from 800VA to 2200VA, making it the ideal solution as power back-up for PC’s, workstations, servers and other network storage devices.


This Line Interactive UPS is available in a Tower design and provides up to 5 minutes of continuous power during the loss of mains power. Kohler PW 1000/LT also protects against disturbances in the mains power – it’s automatic voltage regulator (AVR) ensuring a source of stable, continuous power is provided under brownout, sag, surge and spikes conditions.


Additional information

Actual kVA

800 – 2200 VA

Standalone / Modular



Single Phase

Specification / Configurations

Below are the specifications and available configurations for the Kohler PW 1000/LT.

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 PowerPhase in : Phase OutAutonomy (100% Load)Autonomy (50% Load)Autonomy (25% Load)Dimensions (WxHxD)Weight (kg)
PW 1000/LT-800800VA/ 360W1 : 1<5 mins8 mins25 mins154 x 211 x 383 mm11
PW 1000/LT-15001500VA/ 600W1 : 1<3 mins5 mins17 mins192 x 250 x 470 mm22
PW1000/LT-12002200VA/ 1200W1 : 1<3 mins6 mins18 mins148 x 198 x 525 mm25



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