1 – 20kVA, Single-Phase, Standalone

Ideal for: Servers, Networks, Laboratories, Manufacturing and Telecommunications

The KOHLER PW 1000/OT is an online double conversion 1-Phase UPS that delivers a continuous sinusoidal voltage to ensure maximum power protection, while filtering and stabilising the power supplied to protect against mains disturbances.

More Information

This Tower design UPS is available in 1, 2, 3, 6, 10, 15 & 20kVA models.  With a 0.9 power factor and high efficiency up to 96.5%, KOHLER PW 1000/OT combines all the smart functionality you would expect with a standard digital display and a wide range of communications interface options.

Technical Specification

Actual kVA 1-20kVA
Standalone / Modular Standalone
Type Single-Phase

Specification / Configurations

Below are the specifications and available configurations/accessories for the KOHLER PW 1000/OT.

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PowerPhase in : Phase outPower FactorEfficiency Line / ECOAutonomy (100% Load)Autonomy (50% Load)Autonomy (25% Load)Dimensions (WxHxD)Weight (kg)
PW1000/OT-11kVA / 900 W1 : 10.9<92% / <96.5%<3 mins11 mins28 mins154 x 211 x 383 mm11
PW1000/OT-22kVA / 1.8kW1 : 10.9<92% / <96.5%<4 mins12 mins25 mins192 x 250 x 470 mm22
PW1000/OT-33kVA / 2.7kW1 : 10.9<92% / <96.5%<2 mins8 mins27 mins148 x 198 x 525 mm25
PW1000/OT-66kVA / 5.4kW1 : 10.9<90% / <96.5%<5 mins15 mins38 mins290 x 645 x 748 mm86
PW1000/OT-1010kVA / 9kW1 : 10.9<90% / <96.5%<5 mins12 mins30 mins290 x 645 x 748 mm96
PW1000/OT-1515kVA / 13.5kW3 : 10.9<90% / <96.5%No Internal Battery (See External Battery Cabinet)No Internal Battery (See External Battery Cabinet)No Internal Battery (See External Battery Cabinet)290 x 645 x 748 mm60
PW1000/OT-2020kVA / 18kW3 : 10.9<90% / <96.5%No Internal Battery (See External Battery Cabinet)No Internal Battery (See External Battery Cabinet)No Internal Battery (See External Battery Cabinet)290 x 645 x 748 mm60

Extended Battery Cabinets

Additional Backup (100% Load)Additional Backup (50% Load)Additional Backup (25% Load)Dimensions (WxHxD)Weight (kg)
PWBAT-T-1kVA10 mins28 mins70 mins154 x 258 x 405 mm18
PWBAT-T-2kVA10 mins28 mins70 mins192 x 320 x 553 mm31
PWBAT-T-3kVA8 mins22 mins60 mins192 x 320 x 553 mm31
PWBAT-T-6kVA25 mins55 mins 135 mins290 x 631 x 748 mm105
PWBAT-T-10kVA20 mins50 mins70 mins290 x 631 x 748 mm105
PWBAT-T-15kVA<9 mins30 mins60 mins290 x 631 x 748 mm110
PWBAT-T-20kVA10 mins25 mins45 mins290 x 631 x 748mm110

Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)

Model No.SizeDimensions (WxHxD)
ATS-216Automatic Transfer Switch 220V, 16A Max.440 x 1U
ATS-230Automatic Transfer Switch 220V, 32A Max.440 x 1U
ITS-230Automatic Transfer Switch 220V, 32A Max. With External Maintenance Bypass Switch440 x 1U


Model No.AccessoryDimensions (WxHxD)
PW1000-DCCDry Contact Card
PW1000-RS485RS485 Card (for 6, 10, 15 & 20kVA)
PW1000-ESBExternal Socket Box (for 6kVA 92 x IEC C19; 8 x IEC C13)440 x 2U
PW1000-PDU-1-2-3Maintenance Bypass PDU (for 1, 2 & 3kVA) - Rack or Wall Mounted440 x 2U
PW1000-PDU-6Maintenance Bypass PDU (for 6kVA) - Rack or Wall Mounted440 x 4U
PW1000-PDU-10Maintenance Bypass PDU (for 10kVA) - Rack or Wall Mounted440 x 5U
PW1000-PDU-15-20Maintenance Bypass PDU (for 15 & 20kVA) - Rack or Wall Mounted440 x 5U
PW1000-EC-250250W External Charger with Case (36VDC, 72VDC Use)
PW1000-EC-10001000W External Charger with Case (240VDC Use)

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